Any bands/solo projects/whatever need a vocalist on their tracks?

I'm learning how to scream and would like some material to practice to. I have professional recording equipment, and can even mix your songs once I've done vocals to them.

A quick example of my work (keep in mind, this is with only 3 days of practicing):


Not necessarily just looking to do death metal type stuff, honestly, I'm not looking to do that at all - But that is just where my vocals fit right now. I'm willing to do djent, metalcore, deathcore, whatever; just something that I can practice refining my voice to

PM your stuffs
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yo dude! i dunno if hard rock is up your alley, but my online band is looking for a singer. still interested? yo ucan chek us out on reverb nation, youtube and facebook, all under the name Spark A Riot. also, its in my sig :-) PM me if you are down.