Hey guys, may be the wrong area to post this, but I wasnt sure, if it is in the wrong spot, my bad.

Anyways, I'm curious about a couple things concerning pictures and making them covers on my projects albums, and just about how this whole thing sort of works in general. So, I found a cool picture online for the cover and I went to the website source for it. It was from a news article actually, but there was no source of the actual photo, it didn't say anything was under copyright, didn't say anything about it, didn't display a photographer. The only thing it said was who the article was published by (it was a news blog basically). So upon clicking it it just took me to their website with just a list of similar articles with again, no mention of any copyrights or any actual person who wrote it.

So for that one I was wondering if I could still use it since there is no mention of any copyright, photographer, or from the site.

Also another small one, sort of an odd picture, it's an X-Ray photograph, so I don't know if you even can copyright those, but I wanted to know if I could use it for a cover for a seperate project. Also on all of the sources I found it on, mentioned no name of a person who made it, or any copyright for it at all. Just wondering if I could use them without worrying about anything. I figure if Rage Against The Machine can use the picture of the burning monk as an album cover, I figure I should be able to use THESE. Any help would be killer, thanks.

TL;DR : Copyright on pictures with no sign of copyright or name of uploaders or photographer. yay or nay.
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Nay. It's better to be safe than sorry. I know someone who got sued for putting a picture that wasn't his on an online portfolio thing.
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For the most part, every qualifying work (be that songs, paintings photographs, stories etc) automatically qualifies for copyright protection.

As such, unless you see something that suggests otherwise (such as a statement of the work being released into the public domain or you've explicitly received the photographer's permission), assume everything is copyrighted and off limits.

If you really want to have that pic as the album cover do a bit of detective work and email the news blog writer about where he got the pic from etc.
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I havn't figured out a way to get a hold of either of the people or the blog or whatever TO try and get in contact with the author or uploader.
- Yes, My name is actually Terran -
- Not just a Starcraft fan -

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