so i have around 100$ to spend on some headphones, i prefer the small ear bud styles

also, i want some headphones with a thicker cable/cord. im tired of that S*** shorting out.

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How many 'headphone recommendation' threads are in The Pit every day?
I just got these:

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They're awesome

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Samson Headphones are awesome
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Shure se215?

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I've been through SO many headphones but the SoundMagic E10's I got a while back are literally unstoppable. Responsive right across the range. I've had a few sets of SkullCandy's but they ALWAYS seem to short out and die round the jack, but they're good otherwise. $100 seems a big budget for wee buds IMO, try out those E10's though, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
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Just look on the back of the headphone/earphone box. You should find a frequency range. Scull Candy's have a 20-20 range. Shit. My Koss set has around 3-23000. Look for a wide range from really low to really high.
Klipsch Image S4

They're the best earbuds under $100.

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Nice, but they don't appreciate rough and tumble!

I'm saving up for these I plan on keeping them quite safe


Beyerdynamik DT 100 Dynamic Studio Headphones, closed, 400 Ohm, 94dB/IEC, 30-20K Hz, 340g, incl. cable.

Probabaly the most used studio headphone in the world. Available in 16 & 400 OHM versions in the classic grey and black, you will see these in almost every pro studio you go into. Soft large cups cut out much external sound but are super comfortable like a big cusion sitting over your ear. The sound is crisp and well balanced, and construction makes repairs and replacements easy...

Reminds me of a set of headphones I had when I was a child that belonged to the family, those headsphones were special because they produced a signal OR SOMETHING, so you could plug direct to your electric guitar for a clean sound in these headphones...

That's INDUSTRIAL standard... The next step above Beats by Dr. Dre though Beats by Dr. Dre are nice.

Or just some regular JVC Marshmellows.
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all good suggestions for cans but MiseryMonster said he was looking for buds. Remember folks that an ability to produce a wider range does NOT a better speaker make. Actual Frequency response is what counts. Someone mentioned Klipsch above. I used to use a THX 2.1 system for PC speakers from them and they were AMAZING (I've upgraded to a gigantic B&W setup since) so they're probably a good bet!
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^ B&W do make a very good set on in-ears, incidentally. Unfortunately they hit about double his budget.

Jesus...believe me when I say I felt it putting this home-theatre system together
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Jesus...believe me when I say I felt it putting this home-theatre system together

Which range did you go for? I was building up a CM series home theatre with 8's at the front, 1's for the rears, the smaller centre and awaiting the PV1-D... and then I got MA Silver RX in the shop

Also, I was down at B&W in Worthing over Summer (perks of the job... yay!) and they let us watch Tron 2 on a CT800 system. Twas awesome.
the Klipsch S4's look promising, one thing i am concerned about is how thin the cable looks though. i don't want to spend 75$ on some headphones that are going to short out just as fast as the 10$ pair.
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