Mixing and matching my guitars and amps I have come up with two combos that create the greatest tones on Earth.
- Rickenbacker / Fender Princeton Chorus
- Telecaster / VOX AC30

The Ric/Fender is pure clean, sparkling, chime.
The Tele/VOX creates hard, rich, rocking grit.

Two very different tones. Both incredible. I'm glad I found them.
What's yours?

My Music Man and any amp out there.

The greatest guitarists on earth play EBMM.

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
ESP Eclipse II and a Mesa Boogie Roadster or a G&L ASAT Classic with a Mesa Mark 2C. both those combinations sound amazing to my ears, and I really wouldn't be able to decide if I had to.
My Fender Jim Root Tele and a Peavy 5150 with either Marshall 4x10 or Mesa Oversized, since the guitar has EMG's in it the tonality is somewhat unimportant, but I love the feel of the thing.
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Les Paul/JMP


Casino (or Country Gentleman)/AC30



Prestige/Triple Rectifier

ES-335/Twin Reverb

There, I think I got all the most popular ones.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

Fender MIM Stratocaster
Fender Jaguar Bass
Epiphone EJ200 Super Jumbo
Fender Excelsior 13w
Acoustic B300HD (with matching 1x12 cab)
NYC Big Muff Pi
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I try that combo and can never get anything that blows me away. It's good, but that's it.
Strat/ 57 deluxe is pretty amazing

I use a Les Paul/Fender Blues deluxe........Not so common, but sounds sick.

I also use my Les with a shitty solid state Randall 40W from time to time, just for running extreme amounts of effects through the sterile cleans. Sounds pretty cool.
Right now, the only actual amp I have is a Fender Champ 25SE and I use that with all my guitars. The only thing I use extra is a BBE Green Screamer. I can get close to what I want out of it. But then again, what choice is there.

I really miss having an all tube amp. I get sort of close with what I have, but it just doesn't saturate like a good amp's preamp section.