So I was talkin to my gf the other day (who is a singer) about vocal styles. For the longest time I've been changing my voice around to suit certain styles but now Im thinkin it might be better to find my own voice and adapt that to different styles (like Tarja from nightwish).

I sing a lot of metal but also a fair amount of R&B. Im kinda in between figuring out whether im a Tenor or Counter-Tenor. (my range without falsetto is C2-C5, my range with falsetto is D4-Bb5) Ive had a fair amount of classical training as well.
Do you guys have any suggestions for finding my voice or any examples singers I could learn from.
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I honestly had a similar experience a couple years back. My singing voice was all over the place and I wanted to get something solid. So I took a break from music, sat down and figured out my range (baritone). I also started singing more a capella and how I wanted to sing the song, rather than mimicking the original. That's what I did and it worked for me. It might work for you, it might not. Unfortunately, I don't know of any professional singers that might have relevant experiences. I'm sure someone will come along though.

Just my two cents.
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