I bring to you, a demo from the new album I'm writing (still recording the last one, getting vocals done in a couple of days, then it's off to the mixing department!).


It's going to be a concept album about the manga Uzumaki, which is about a curse that haunts a town and turns everyone in it into spirals. I had the idea of this a couple of years ago, and there's been a song called Uzumaki on my profile and the Kalium profile before, but this is a different part of the album, more towards the beginning of the spiral infestation. This track is actually one finished song, and the beginning of the track that follows it. I'm writing the album as one piece to have each song flow into each other and stuff because that's all pretentious and cool and stuff.

C4C as always!
Holy shit man. I would more than gladly shell out money for this album.
Honey mustard is best mustard.