I have a peavey classic 30 and a mxr 10 band eq and want to ad a distortion pedal I have a budget of 110 bucks and am looking at the tonebone hot british and the london bones and a blackstar ht drive. Was hoping to pick up some info on this forum as to how the unity gain is on the pedals and their performance and reliability.

I jam with a drummer and bass player and the genre is classic rock and some 90's hard rock/metal.
What do you want to do to your tone?
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What do you want to do to your tone?

I need a heavier tone than the classic can give me on the dirty channel.
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I need a heavier tone than the classic can give me on the dirty channel.

Proco Rat 2. nuff nuff, gets me from Van Halen to Skynyrd.
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What about a Way Huge Green Rhino, or another tube screamer to add a little more grit to it?

I am wanting to use the clean channel and a pedal that has enough distortion to do van halen, powermad, some metallica. The dirty channel can handle the zeppelin and classic stuff pretty well especially with an eq in front of it.
Then stick an OD in front of the amp.

V:10 / G:0-3 / Tone to taste. Leave it off when you want to do the Zep/classic, kick it on when you want some metal. On the dirty channel, of course.

Bad Monkeys are great for 40 bucks. Boss SuperOverdrives can be found really cheap used, work great, and sound even better modded. Tubescreamer or any iteration are always great.

You'll be much happier with an OD on the dirty channel than a pedal on the clean.

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And throw that EQ in the loop and stand back! lol

The eq sounds better in the front which also has a gain control on it. Doesn't sound as good in the loop.