I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to guitar modification. The closest I've gotten to actually modifying a guitar is changing the strings out. When I first started playing guitar, I bought a Fender Squier starter pack (Fender Affinity Squier Strat, Frontman Amp, Tuner, etc...) I have now been playing enough to where I just purchased a $500 Jazzmaster !!! Now that I look back at my Squier, my first guitar, my baby, I want to fix it up and make it a solid, nice sounding, guitar.
My Squier is Cherry Red with a white pickguard. This is what I'm thinking: I want a black pickguard with a white rim, black knobs, a Fender Stratocaster neck that doesn't say Squier, and a humbucker pick-up to slap on that baby
Now, as I said before, I am a newbie at modification, so I need some hardcore guitarist help here... what could I do differently, any suggestions on anything??? I have no idea what I'm doing. please help!!!!!
The pick guard and knobs are easy enough. You can find those parts anywhere. You'll want to pull the pick guard off and see if it is routed to accept a humbucker. If it is you can just get a pick guard that will fit a humbucker and mount your humbucker of choice on it before reinstalling. Be ready to do some soldering. If it is not routed to fit a humbucker you'll have to either route wood out of the body under the pick guard to fit a full sized humbucker or settle for a mini-humbucker that fits a single coil slot. If the neck is fine now leave it alone. Buying a new neck to replace it will probably cost more than the guitar did.
I don't think it's worth it........
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yea. no ive thought of putting new electronics in my ibanez,(also came with the "jumpstart" package) No offense, but you can spray paint and glitter on a turd, but its still gonna be a turd.
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Yeah, like what they said... don't worry about the neck it would cost more then the guitar did. If you really want to though you could just sand the logo off and put a new one on there.
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