Hey man! Good job overall - I know how to play this song too. It got sloppy at parts, but it's a difficult song for sure so I give you props on your performance. I was disappointed that you stopped when you did! You should learn the rest of the song man it's a lot of fun - just take it slow at first and you'll get there. IDK about you but I bought the tab book for suspended animation from guitar center because John Petrucci is fantastic and I wanted to learn how to play his music exactly the way he plays it. If your into him and that album you should too it was pretty cheap!

You murdered the sweep but that's OK - check out my youtube channel for sweep picking lessons and you'll be playing it in no time.

PS if you want more people to watch and comment, you should put C4C (comment for comment) in the subject line, and return the favor when people critique your playing. C4C for me please? Since you like petrucci you will appreciate them - I have 2 dream theater covers in there. You will also find lots of lessons so hopefully if you watch any of them then you find them helpful.

You can find my thread here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1517112