So I bought a DK-2 on eBay and the seller today said they had changed their mind about the guitar and were going to put a PS4 neck onto the Dinky body. They offered me my money back or they said they'd give me the PS4 body and the Dinky neck. I love the PS4 body because it's a HSH setup and I like the Dinky necks over the PS4, so it seems like a match for both of us to swap.

I was just wondering if the neck would need anything special done to it. I'm guessing they've already figured it'll fit, but I'm just not familiar with the neck pocket on each. I've had Dinky's in the past as well as a PS4, but not at the same time. I also know that Jackson still does Dinky guitars in Japan and that some PS4's were made there too as well as in Korea.

TL DR version, would a PS4 body take a Dinky neck with no modification?