Hey man! Cool track - did you make the backing track too? The playing is tight I don't hear any real errors - the volume of your guitar sits well in the mix too. I think it sounds a little too much like a recorded guitar though - the tone could be a lot better. A lot of this has to do with the method you use to record though, for all I know your tone IRL is perfect. How do you record?

PS if you want more views, make sure to put (C4C) in the subject line of your threads! Since you're doing it anyway lol

Thank you! I arranged and played/programmed everything there, the tone I've settled on just because it's the best I've been able to get out of my pod and be happy with. Plus, its set up to be a bit more of a "djenty" tone with Bareknuckle Aftermath pickups as well, so that could be it lol.
That's sweet - what do you use? I usually use Reason to make my backing tracks drum/bass/whatever, and then run my guitar through my GT-10 pedalboard and into my computer, load the backing track into Reaper and record the guitars ontop of it in there.
I use Pro Tools as my DAW. I run my POD X3 Live into my Profire 2626 interface for guitar/bass, and I use Superior Drummer 2.0 for my drums. Rhythm guitars are quad tracked, leads doubled.
That's sweet man. I'm almost done with my sound production degree and am holding off on buying pro tools til I graduate, but man it sure is niiiiccee eh? =D keep up the good work hombre, if you ever want help or advice on anything just post a comment on my YouTube channel.
Very nice! Yeah I definitely want more training for this kind of stuff since I've pretty much self-taught myself, going to a separate school for that just hasn't been in the cards for the time being. I'll definitely hit you up if I need anything though!