My name is Sam Harchik and I am the lead guitarist for a new band called "Aviations" with co-founder James Knoerl. We met at Berklee college if music and have been writing and recording material (most of which James has written from the summer before) to release on our debut EP sometime next month hopefully. Here's a link to our band camp and facebook pages.

We are entirely self produced and are very proud of the work we've done thus far.

Check it out --> http://aviations.bandcamp.com/track/nineties-nine-ties

--> http://www.facebook.com/AviationsBand

Our first single was really popular and we released our second song today.

Check it out and let your friends now about us. Were looking forward to sharing some new music with you in the very near future that will blow your mind!

Was going to start a thread about this band, but searched this up instead. That's awesome that someone from the group actually posted this. I'm a big fan, dude. Great stuff, really.

However, Sam, I would say that advertising yourself as Berklee metal kind of comes off as ... a little bit conceited. I mean, congratulations on going to Berklee, it's a really prestigious school and I'm sure it's just packed with great musicians, but maybe just because of the high reputation they have as a music school... saying Hey Check us out we're from BERKLEE... maybe doesn't send the right message. Yeah, you guys are all killer musicians, but as I'm sure you're aware most people don't judge a band by their education. Or at least they shouldn't.. so no need to go around bragging. Promoting a band is different than sending out resumes. Ok I'm done please don't hate me I do really like your band. And you're a great player dude love the solo on Intents In Tents.

ANYWAYS, I saw there is a lengthy TesseracT thread here, and I just wanted to say that any of you dudes who dig TesseracT or Skyharbor would definitely like Aviations. They aren't SUPER similar to TesseracT or Skyharbor, in fact they're quite original sounding, but they've got the clean vocal djent thing going and I've really been digging their album since hearing at least several months ago. Easily on par with TesseracT and Skyharbor. Plus these dudes shred. And one track has a great jazz section. Vocalist is killer, definitely a better singer than skyharbor dude and easily rivals that new singer for TesseracT. Actually the vocals might be my favorite thing about the group but really everything is fantastic.

Check them out! I'm assuming the links from dudeman are still good. There's a lot of variation on the album, you can't really get a feel for the band from just one track. I think the best track is either Voyages or Outliers, and actually my least favorite would be Nineties Nine Ties, even though that's still a good song too.

I feel weird writing this knowing that the band posts on this forum lol.
Listen. I'm sorry.
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