So I'm planning to pull an all nighter tonight, I'm slowly becoming nocturnal and it's going to bugger me for uni.

Anyone have any fun stories involving staying up all night/any fun things to do to keep occupied in the 24-48 hours?
All nighters suck. All you want to do is go to sleep and you can't. Then, eventually you either give in and fall asleep or feel like shit the entire next day until you do.

I usually get through them watching movies on netflix or gaming.

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Mushrooms and Pink Floyd

/ thread

Seriously though! Or Modest Mouse and some whiskey.... if you're into that kinda thing

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I'm doing one right now. What I'll do is I'll stay up until 7am and then sleep till 12 and just go about my day with a regular sleeping pattern.

This is all good in theory but tbh I just cooked bacon and made some tea and it's already 5am so I can foresee myself being awake all morning.
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I stay up till morning every night, but my work schedule permits it.

It's a damn good thing too because I'm wired to stay up at night and sleep during the day. I've never been able to maintain anything else for more than a few weeks.
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Same here. All my hoes fell asleep on me, so be flattered. Tonight, Pit Monkeys, you are my *****s. Entertain me.
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I can only stay up for like 17 hours and it's not worth it to go any longer.
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My friends and I once pulled an all nighter, woke up at 6 for school didn't go to bed until 11:30ish felt fine all day don't know how I was't tired. Anyway we stayed up by drinking mountain Dew and playing monopoly
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I'm staying up all night cause some junkie who lives above me came in my flat earlier, out her face on whatever drugs, and sat for an hour smoking and telling me how he had a gun and how her boyfriend is in jail and her dad breaks people's kneecaps.

After apologising to all my neighbours for her banging their windows and screaming at them, I've decided it's a saf bet staying up all night in case. I'm worried for next week when my roommate is in alone.
Well i work night shifts. usually i start around 3-5pm or so and finish around 12-1am.

Afterwards i usually stay up until 3-6am or so depending on what's going down then i sleep until at least 12pm.
I don't pull 'all nighters'

I just don't stop drinking till early in the morning sometimes
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I don't sleep until the job gets done.

Provided I start on it.

I went through an entire schoolweek once on just 10 hours sleep total. Most of the hours were on one night, but I had two all nighters that week and, well, it was just a really shitty week.

One time I was going on 36 hours awake with only three hours of sleep beforehand, I started arguing with myself in the shower and inappropriately loud volumes.

Get some sleep.
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Maybe you should call the police.

Yeah, my neighbours were about to. The next door neighbours went to their neighbours and were going to call but I went and apologised.

Next week though, my room-mate is going to if the woman or her weird-ass family show their face.