Hi, I am new to this and I have uploaded my first tab - Newton Faulkner, Lipstick Jungle. I just wanted to know how it gets approved and what I need to do as I am new?

Thanks for the reply, would you please have a look at my tab and decide if you would like to approve?

I am new here, so first of all - Hi to everyone!

Then I have a question about tab a approval and since there is this thread, I will use it. My question is probably silly, so pardon me, if it has been answered many times before. I looked in the FAQ section, and studdied the link above, but still have some doubts, so I will ask...

I submitted a tab yesterday and I got an e-mail with a link where I could view it. A couple of hours ago I had a "status" +2/0 and there was some message that someone recommended it if I remember correctly. Now the likn doesn't work and I can not get into the Tabs Pending Approval section at all.

So I guess my tab was rejeceted, but it seems that there also migth have been some mistake, since it doesn't show anywhere in my profile, I didn't get any message, I think that the tab was "suitable" (I know that my opinion is not crucial) and it only had positive votings. The thing is that I posted a minor correction today, so there might have gone something wrong.

So my question is - when a tab gets rejected, one doesn't get any authomatic message, or is the fact that it completely disappeared a sign that there was something wrong and I should try again?

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