Hey guys... so I broke the bank and bought a new Mesa Lonestar Special combo today. I wanted something with good cleans, capable of a nice blues-rock, and buttery lead sound and that's what initially sold me on this particular amp.

Now, I DO like to play some heavier stuff now and then and know this amp isn't suited for that type of thing.. but I seem to be having a hard time finding a even a decent overdriven sound in general... It seems really muddy on the drive channel.

My first problem I believe is my guitar... I went through a strictly metal phase a while back and bought a Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy with EMG 81/85 combo... a pretty stark contrast to the character of this amp, I KNOW. I got the amp with a new guitar in future in mind as well. Still, it seems extra muddy to me. I've seen reviews where other Les Paul's are plugged in and sound AMAZING.

Now while I plan on buying a new guitar soon, in the meantime I just wanted to see who else is playing through one of these LSS and what setup you have going on.
I just wanna give it that extra overdrive punch for a bit more hard rock when I want it... That's my only issue. I guess I should be in the market for a new OD pedal.

I mean, I have a Boss MT2 distortion pedal which can give me a full on metal sound.... but it just isn't special to me at all. I could plug it in to a 100 dollar walmart amp and get the same sound.

And no I won't be buying a new amp any time soon.... I'm happy with the amp for the reason I got it in the first place, just wondering what experience you people may have with the OD channel for even more versatility
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How do you have your amp EQ'd?
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Truthfully, no amp will sound identical if you compare two of the same through a video and real life. Its just the way Youtube compresses the volume and overall sound. Not to mention the toasters some people use for cameras nowadays.

Screw around with the EQ and see what you can get. The easiest option is just get a nice boost to drive it enough for a metal range. Your standard Maxon OD808 would be just fine, I own it and love it.

At the end of the day though, the Lonestar is just not a full-on metal amp. Sorry to break it to you...
As for the overdrive channel I basically have the gain between 1-4 o clock, treble 3 o'clock, mid 10 o clock, bass 9:30-10. Fiddled around with the drive and presence a bit. I'm close to that 70s sound, Sabbath, etc... just not quite. Seems extra muddy like I have a blanket over the thing or something.

And yes I realize its not a full on metal amp. At the end of the day I don't really care that much because the main reason I got it, like I said, was for the cleans and bluesy oriented tones which it does very well. A lot of the sounds I get are f**king spectacular actually. Just be nice to have that extra kick when I do want it.

Guess I'll go shopping for a nice overdrive pedal... I'll check that Maxon out, thanks
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Mesa called it the Lone Star for a reason, it was engineered based on an old Blackface design that was meant to have more headroom and less room to break up; a signature "Texas" sound that was made famous by SRV. Mesa swears up and down at it's versatility and the ability to handle high gain no problemo, but that's horse crap. You are really going to have to push it LOUD with a good overdrive to get some metal tones from it.
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Pretty much what he said. Honestly going back to what I said, to hell with the Maxon in this case. It just wouldn't drive it enough.

Keep the lonestar clean and just drive it with a sick distortion pedal like the Blackstar HT DISTX. Great little pedal right there.
get something with passive pickups and play through it first... you might have a different opinion on your tone then.