Verse 1:
Tape my jaw shut and hold
Hold tight and catch grit and fold
Bits from my teeth grinding
Pain is what I've been finding

It just feels like light
When everything's just right
But it feels like I'm bit by a beetle
When I feel a needle

Verse 2:
Anger is my queen
Despair by her side as my king
I succumb like a pawn
Staring into dawn

What feels like fright
I really what is right
Widening eyes feeling rage
Tearing out another page

And it feels so right
Take me to my flight
Where it feels so right
Walking the night
Wanting to be right
When all I've done is fight
Rest is what is right
To Death I write
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Thanks, just don't want to be an Alice copycat. I was actually listening to GNR's Its So Easy when I wrote this.