I recently acquired an Ibanez Iceman IC400 as a project guitar and i wanna upgrade everything on it such as the electronics, tuning pegs and stop tail. As far as electronics and Tuning pegs go ive decided in gonna go with some BKP Painkillers and Schaller Locking Tuners.

But ive been searching around for some decent upgrade from the stock stop tail or even if its even worth it to upgrade it. Ive heard and owned a guitar that had a tone pros bridge but didnt really see how or why i would even remotely improve the tone.

so if anyone who is familiar with my situation let me know if its worth it to upgrade and if so whats out that that i should be looking into. I mostly play metal if that means anything

thanks in advance
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look for a solid brass bridge, or at lest one with brass sadles.

www.guitarfetish.com has them for way less than anyother site I have seen.
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