I've played for a year and I think I've reached an intermediate level (I can play every riff from easy level to intermediate-advanced level, but not extremely difficult ones like, for example, Frantic Disembowelement by Cannibal Corpse; and easy to intermediate leads, like Smoke on the water, Crazy Train, Paranoid, Beat it,...). I was thinking about a good pyramid of songs (6-7) with a rhythmic progression (from easy to difficult), possibly without solos or with easy ones, to play at a little show at school.

A progression could be:

1 easy song
1 easy to intermediate song
2 intermediate songs
2 advanced songs

The genre I play is Heavy / Thrash / Death metal

Thanks to everyone who will give suggestions
I think Disturbed is very good rythmic, you should try some song of them, though they have a solo in most of the songs, but that isn't a great problem. Also system of a down is good rythmic, but the tuning they play is most of the time drop c or drop c# (same with disturbed)
Thanks man I checked out Disturbed and I've learnt Indistructible, and Toxicity by SOAD. Now I think I'm going intermediate with War Nerve by Pantera