I ve been playing for 3 years and have a really bad electric.so i want suggestion for a new electric guitar around $400 to $500.i have a peavey vyper 30 amp.i play steve vai,satch,metallica,alt rock and a little death metal.so what is a good guitar(i prefer esps and ibanez coz the shop has them in stock alltimes.thanks
The ESP KH202 for around that price range really isn't bad at all. I would have bought it way back if it weren't a signature.

Is the trem an issue though, shouldn't they all pretty much have floyds or some sort of floating trem.
Save up a bit more so you can have a bigger product range
or the Jackson X series are coming out which is worth a look
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i'd suggest either the esp kirk hammet, some esp LTD model, ibanez rg of some sort, or a schecter omen series.

the big question is whether or not your ok with a trem. they can either be a pain or really great. if you dont change tunings much then its fine but if your changing tunings all the time then i'd go with a hard tail.

having the trem is going to make playing a little easier because the action will be really low, the strings will be parallell to the body, and heavy bends wont throw it out of tune

also, active and passive pickups will make a difference. i have actives on my schecter and they are great for metal, but they arent the most versatile things in the world
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Thank you guys.What about esp ltd mh 50,has an FR tremelo and cheap.should i buy or save for some other?coz i dont want to take chance as i bought a bad guitar,initially.also can u be specific about the model no also?thanks for your support,cheers.
Take my advice. Dont waste your money on cheap models unless they are project guitars. You should play a bunch of nicer quality guitars and see which one has the features you're looking for.
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LTD M/H/MH guitars are all worth a look. They all come in hardtail and FR depending on your prefrence.look for them used to get a better deal. If you go new, don't go lower than the 300 series
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There are nice Ibanez RG or S, kirk hammet LTD is nice. You can also check for used guitar, there are sometimes old mint condition Ibanez for nice price. I would recommend more Ibanez than ESP because depending of the pick-ups, ESP's could be not versatile at all
Go for an ued guitar, or either there aren very cheap guitars on E-Bay. I think you can buy a jackson rr3,or some else stuff. Don't go for KH-202, NEVER!
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Go for an ued guitar, or either there aren very cheap guitars on E-Bay. I think you can buy a jackson rr3,or some else stuff. Don't go for KH-202, NEVER!

Do you have personal experience with it? Because I do, and thought it was great.

For a cheapo sig its actually pretty good and stays in tune nice with the trem. Pickups could be better but you get what you pay for and they still can pull off all the bands and genres he listed pretty well. So I don't know what your issue is, unless your on the bandwagon of people on here who are all "stay away from sigs" or "to hell with EMGs". If your not and you actually have experience with it, than I apologize. I just see that trend A LOT on these forums.

The Alexi-200 is even better in my opinion and doesn't scream "signature guitar", the lack of a neck pickup is a major turnoff for me though.

Honestly though TS, your best bet is to ignore everything on this thread, go to your shop, and play the lot of the stock. Buy whatever sounds good to you, and you alone. Your needs aren't that demanding so it shouldn't be hard to find a nice ESP or Ibanez to suit your tastes.
Most decent music stores have a good selection of used guitars. In your price range, most of them are very real. I think when you go to try things out and see what feels and sounds right to you, the used department is the best place to start - and often finish!