Hey guys,

I was just wondering if it would be possible to re-finish my guitar (which has a poly coat) and change it to a Nitro finish instead.

Is this even possible? And would I be able to keep the guitar the colour it is now.

Thanks for any help


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yes it is totaly possible, but you will need to strip all of the paint and sealer that is currently on the guitar. You souldn't mix paint types: use only Nitro products from sealer to color to clear.

Guitar reranch has lots of nitro in spray cans and so does StewMac. but just be aware that it is gonna cost ~$14 a can plus S&H so your looking at ~$20 a can. And you will need at least 2 cans of color and 2 cans of clear plus 1 can of sealer.

I have been using Acrylic Laquer on my last few builds. Discount Auto/Auto Zone carry Dupli-color acrylic laquer witch is a very good quality paint, and it is only $5ish a can FYI.
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Out of interest, what are you trying to achieve by doing this?

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