So my first guitar teacher was mainly a classical guitarist. I still have some books with pieces we used to play. So when I started to play i was a kid and so i had kind of a smaller classical guitar and when I grew up i used my sisters(which was normal size). But now my sister took her guitar and my only classical guitar was this small one.
So I am thinking of getting a new classical guitar but I don't know which are the most important factors i should look for and which brands make good guitars and so on. Because over the years i switched to electric guitar.
Also if somebody could recommend me some books with classical pieces.
Thank you and sorry for my bad English its not my native.
tone, playability, comfort are the 3 things i look for when buying a guitar. you can pretty much mix up the order because all are important. if you['ve been playing a lot of electric, you might want to look at classicals with a somewhat narrower neck - say 1 7/8" rather than 2" or so.
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