An ironic blues song that comments on the genre. Also works as a straight blues. Comments would be appreciated. Not sure about the last line

I've got no whisky
I've got no smoke
I've got no troubles
And it shows
I've got no boxcar to ride
I've got the no blues blues
Somewhere inside

Well I'm grateful
For what I've got
And you can't be measured by what you're not
I've got no reason to be sad
I've got the no blues blues
Got them bad

I've never killed a man
Never begged for food
Always had enough money
And the only thing I ever stole was this tune
I've got the no blues blues
This grey afternoon

Well I'm white
As a sheet
Got no right to complain
Though I know you certainly do
Got the no blues blues
Just like you
What exactly was it supposed to be? Like pielover375 said, "satire", or parody, or showing the "stereotypical bluies"? If that is what it is supposed to be, then it's great! I don't think this was meant to be taken too seriously, and I like it.
yeah it's definitely not a very serious song at all. Glad you liked it, thanks
I chuckled out loud at the last stanza. Humorous indeed.


They say when they finally attack, all the impostors will peel themselves. In order to tell if you have been assimilated, check for a zipper somewhere near your pelvis.

Really enjoyed it, love the satire, love this line,

"And the only thing I ever stole was this tune"