Right guys got a bit of a problem and was wondering if anybody could give me some help. I want to record myself playing my electric guitar over a backing track for YouTube. A few nights ago I managed somehow to get it working and recorded this ...


What I did was put a lead from my guitar into my effects pedal ( Zoom G1 ) in the input section of the pedal, then put a lead from the output into my recording input on my computer. Then I plugged my iPod into my USB and my headphones into their input. I can hear my guitar loud and clear through the headphones and it plays back when I record a quick video. However when I play songs on my computer ( through iTunes ) the video won't pick up the sound. I used Windows Live Movie Maker to record these videos. Where am I going wrong ? How can I go back to directly inputting music into my videos through iTunes ? Help would be appreciated.
Put more simply ... How do I record me playing guitar over a backing track all together in one go ? Using Windows Live Movie Maker and my playlist from iTunes. Or how do I get my iTunes to play and record through my webcam.
Put the playlist on a CD and play on a stereo or any other source besides where its being recorded?
My computer doesn't have a microphone. I recorded the sound from my guitar directly into my computer and want my in-built camera ( Acer Crystal Eye webcam ) to record the guitar + the backing track + video all in one go. I hear people saying they have to record the video and audio seperately then sync them up but I somehow managed to record videos all in one go before and now have lost how to do it.
what program are you using to record? with any half decent program you should be able to load up the mp3 (or wav or whatever) on one track, and then record into a second track. have both tracks set for monitoring so you can hear both the song and your playing. record video with no sound, sync up to the audio, and off you go.