I want to get a tube amp half stack with around 50 watts and a 2x12. I wanna spend around 600. For the head i want something like the JCA 50h or something with similar sound but with good cleans too. the 2x12 could be anything, just something cheap that sounds good
What styles of music do you play?

For the head, i recommend the jca50h, very nice amp, can reach pretty much every music style, also metal if you boost it with an od pedal. If you don't like those you should check out blackstar amps, people think they're all metal but they're amazing on the cleans! (sometimes not full tube though..)

For the cab, i'd say harley benton g212 vintage, has celestion vintage 30 speakers and it can handle 120 watts, not too expensive.
Look into used mesa single recs or a rectoverb, or the jca100.

As far as cabs I awlays recommend avatars but they have raised there prices quite a bit since I bought my 2x12.
I paid $300 for a cb 2x12 with v30s I think the same cab I have now is closer to $500 now.
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