I'm going amplifier shopping tomorrow and after many many many many different considerations on amps the blackstar ht-5 is on my list of top priorities. My big question though is what tubescreamer pedal would go best with it? I'm a lead player and i'm going for the more american style tones from bands like avenged sevenfold, megadeth, trivium etc. Particularly that Synyster Gates / Chris Broderick like tone.

Note that i have no budget on what i would be spending on the pedal.

Thanks in advance.
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Don't the Blackstars already have a tubescreamer built in?

You might want to look into Jet City, the 22 or whichever. Would get you a lot closer to A7X, IMO.
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If you have no budget for the pedal, why not take that money and just get a better amp that would be more american voiced?
Because i have a budget for an amp son. It's not like there's gonna be a pedal that's thousands of dollars.

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The new Blackstar HT-Metal pedal is probably a good choice?

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Blackstar HT5 uses diode clipping (not all tube), just FYI.

And Zacky Vengance uses Jet City IIRC, so if you like Avenged Sevenfold, you might consider one of those.
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