Poll: Best Hair Metal Band: Music and Appearance
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Def Leppard
1 11%
Bon Jovi
0 0%
Twisted Sister
0 0%
Motley Crue
6 67%
Van Halen (Hagar Era)
2 22%
Voters: 9.
If you think of a hair metal band, which one did the best. Put into account the music and appearence
Van Halen!
Quote by JD Close
Piano dick had some good parts, but should have said "As the business man slowly gets boned", would have accented the whole dick feeling of the album
I'd say my favourite was Cinderella. They had it all. The brilliant music ranging from the likes of gypsy road and bad seamstress to nobody's fool and hard to find the words to loves got me doing time and in from the outside. And they had the hair.

I'd say if we're talking about the most glam of all glam metal bands I'd say poison.

From you're list... How do I choose? I guess I should say Motley crue. This is because Bon Jovi Had the image and sound up until (and including) New Jersey. Then They went down hill. Def Leppard's image wasn't so fully glam. not compared to motley crue and bon jovi etc.
Twisted sister had the image but not really the sound and Van Halen had both the image and the sound but not as extreme as the likes of motley crue and bon jovi etc.
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