Beginner here, next week I will have my beautiful squire classic vibe stratocaster and before then I have decided to build up calusses and work out my muscles on my Fender starcaster.

My fingers scream in pain from playing, should I continue playing? I mean no skin is broken or anything, its just they hurt. Not from muscle but just from where the skin is toughining up.

Also, im practicing bar chords, and is it normal for my index finger to hurt, will the skin toughen up on my finger as well and not just my tips?
no- stop, use common sense...if it hurts dont do it
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Sounds normal to me :p i used to have this problem, im pretty sure every beginner guitar player does. My fingers still get hurt sometimes playing certain chords on an acoustic. But use your common sense and dont put yourself through RIDICULOUS amounts of pain. Your fingers will toughen up relatively quickly
But its just from building calusses, im not like contorting my arm behind the back of my head and across my knee. It's supposed to hurt.
It is normal especially if you're just starting out, but take a day off or so to let your fingers build up some toughness
Yeah, if they're that sore take a rest, calluses will form pretty quickly, no point killing yourself over it.
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no- stop, use common sense...if it hurts dont do it

my ex gf wrote a book called that...
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Take a break if it really hurts, otherwise you might start playing weirdly to get around the pain.

Be aware that you don't have to squeeze incredibly hard to fret a note, and you can save some pain by fretting with less force.
I played till my fingers bled when I first started out, so yeah take it from me take a break or else you're forced to take one for the next week because you can't play. lol
If you're not bleeding it's not rock 'n roll. Don't be a wimp.

Nah, if it hurts, go slow. You've got to build up calluses, and they take a while at first.
Um no you shouldn't. It's going to take a couple months of steady playing to build your finger strength and callouses up to the point where it won't hurt at all to play for long times.. But for now, play through the discomfort to a degree but never play while your in pain. Just stop and take a break.

Ps if your a beginner, you might like the free video lessons I have on YouTube. Links in my signature
If it hurts, something is wrong. There can be a bit of discomfort in your fingertips as you are building calluses, but I wouldn't exactly call that pain. But building calluses aside, it's good to take breaks frequently, especially when you're not used to the guitar and the strings. Don't overdo it. If the pain still persists after a day or two, I recommend you see a doctor just in case.
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