I am window shopping for a small size flamenco sounding guitar. Someone suggested the Hermosa AHQ-10. From what I see from this link:


it looks like a pretty decent guitar, not great but, decent.

In spite of this link I still have some questions. One being: what does it sound like? I can't find a sound clip for it.

Does anyone on this forum know anything about this guitar or the company that makes it?

Any in-put will be appreciated.

sorry, i don't. they must not be around l.a., 'cause i make the rounds. on paper the guitar looks good, but in person - who knows?

you can find a cordoba with the same specs and those are easy to try in person.

a full cadre of smaller guitars with solid tops! i revisited a bunch of cordobas yesterday. the cadete sounds very good, the half size requinto i liked, the smaller ones sounded smaller but still as good as or mostly better than the competition. and build quality was good, too.
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Thanks for the link. They are a good looking bunch, however none of them looks like a small flamenco guitar.

Did I miss something?