hey ive just been playing around with my effects order and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for ordering them. i really dont know much about using the effects loop vs guint through the input on the amp. here is a list of the gear i am using and its all just plugged into the amp in this order, not using the loop

boss tu2 -> digitech whammy -> dunlop crybaby -> tubescreamer copy -> boss fz-5 -> ehx small clone chorus

any help is apreciated
Effects loops are usually for spacial effects like reverb and delay. Youve got a good thing going. You could get away with using your fuzz and overdrive before the wah if you like that kind of sound, but Id keep what youve got going.
Like AlanD said, the loop is for effects like Equalizers, Noise Suppressors, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser, etc. You can try any of your effects through it to see if you like the sound, but most people stick to keeping their effects chain as:


and then they throw stuff I listed above in the loop.

The point of the loop is to keep your pedals like Reverb, Delay, etc. from being distorted by the preamp gain of your amp. It sticks them between the preamp and the power amp so they can keep as true to their original sound as possible, while keeping your tone as pure as possible. With Noise Suppressors, it lets the suppressor catch the noise your amp is making, as well as any noise caused by pedals or anything that is plugged into the front of the amp. Equalizers can be used in the loop and in front of the amp, it all depends on what you want the EQ to affect. In the loop it will have more of an affect on your amp, in front of the amp it will have less of an affect on the amp, mostly shaping the sound of your guitar and effects.