I have an idea but I'd like to know if it's even possible.

I have a typical halfstack setup with pedals through the front and some through the FX loop. Now, I've bought another amplifier that I wanted to run with my rig at the same time, so i was going to buy an ABY box or something to switch between the two or run both together. But here I've come into a few problems that I can't figure out.

-I'd like both amps to share the same cabinet.
-I want the same pedals that i run through the front & loop of my halfstack to also run through the other amplifier.

It it too complicated (or expensive) to do something like this? Has anyone done this with some sort of switching system? I'd like some input.

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Alright as for problem two i do not no but as for problem one i can be of some assistant. I while back i was doing some research into running two amps into the same cabinet and the simple answer is it can't be done without comprimising the safety of the amps. If there is a short in the components of the cab one amp can connect into the other one and you risk blowing both your amps. For me it wasn't worth the chance.
If you have a stereo cab, you can use one cab. Just switch it to stereo and plug each head into each side. Make sure the wattage is enough to handle your amp, though (half of the total wattage in mono).

As for the second question, I've never tried it, and not really sure why you'd want to, unless you're running both clean and using distortion pedals for all your sounds. It'd sound much cooler as a Wet/Dry rig IMO, but I guess it could be done with 3 A/B/Y pedals. Don't quote me on that, though
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If you don't have a stereo cab, then look into the radial headbone as mentioned. Kinda pricey but perhaps worth it depending on your needs.

I think the Voodoo Labs GCX might do what you want as far as the effects are concerned. I'm not 100% on that though when 2 amps are involved.
It all depends on how many foot switch buttons your willing to press to get what you want.

Radial Headbone TS is one solution. 1 cabinet two amp switcher. It isn't cheap $259.

The other is Ted Weber made switcher. Can be had with or without foot switch. About $150 with foot switch and $100 without.

As far as using the same pedals/devices in the loop for both amps well that one is yet another pedal and/or is pretty damn complex for a stock type item your getting into the realm of custom made stuff.

The closest thing I can find is the G-lab GSC-5 with all the optional modules and that my friend is well over $1000. Although the GSC-5 would probably control the Weber unit via it's built in foot switch functions. I druel excessively when I view the specs on the GSC-5.

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@MatrixClaw, Wet/Dry ???

My buddy has a 5150 and a jcm800 and told me his jcm800 is his dry signal. Never quite got that. Also never understood how with 1 peavey footswitch he could go from "crunch" to kick your ass..
I can imagine how to build it. Some 3pdt or even dpdt relays should do the job. Don't know anybody that makes one though.
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if each pair of speakers will work as far as wattage going with the amps, you can take most any cabinet and make it stereo. for example 16ohm cab, s/p. 16ohm parallel with another 16 is 8 ohms. you could use both amps if the wattage met, if you were to run at 8 ohms.

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