So recently, I've been wtf'ing at the ridiculous amount I need to take a dump. I'll eat a meal and half an hour later, it needs to come out... and then another two follow it within the next couple of hours, so really, I crap more than I eat. How're your turd cycles, UG?
Giant morning poop, optional poop later in the day. And repeat.
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I'm not asking for advice, I was just wondering how much everyone else shits. :P

Okay, so as opposed to asking for advice to a forum that is unlikely to have a professional on the matter, you instead just want to know about how frequently we defecate... That's a bit weird...

Whichever way I look at it, you're probably barking up the wrong tree. Go ask /b/

Which of these is it usually?

2-3 times a day is optimal and types 3 and 4 are what you want.
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I can't believe I just stared for a good while at a chart of the kinds of shit one can take.

I bet you then remembered the feeling of passing each type, too
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Glad I'm not one of those people who has to take a dump everyday.

You mean a healthy person?
Frequency doesn't really matter. What matters is quality. Refer to the chart posted already.
i don't know why i feel so dry
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I take ONE dump every 2-3 days :/

I am not a healthy individual.

Seek help

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Seek help

Well I also eat once a day, so I think it all balances itself out.
My poo cycle used to make me go in the afternoon after I got home from school, which really worked out for me. But now I get them in the morning before school which makes me late to the bus.
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I bet you then remembered the feeling of passing each type, too

i need to use the toilet like 3-5 times a day because of how much excessive stuff i eat. Im just below 140 lbs and 5'11", so i need to gain.
My sister used to take a dump once a week

I have a huuge one in the morning and maybe another one later on.
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They only take 8 minutes from eating to pooping. Quit yer complainin'.
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There was a website where people took pictures of their shit, and other people could rate it.

It was called ratemypoo.

There was also ratemycaletoe, though I suspect people weren't uploading their own camels.
everyday between 7am and 9am and occasionally two on saturday with the second one around 6:30pm. my bowel is more accurate than a cesium clock

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