I am normally a hard tail player with a major preference toward a string through. On a recent trip to my local store I was really verbally sold on an LTD EC 1000. It is a really nice nice guitar and this is coming from someone who really doesn't like active pups. That aside the other real big stopping point for me was the bridge. Yes it was a hard tail, but it was a stop bar instead of a string through (as are a lot of LTDs). Is there any disadvantage to a stop bar with anything? I know my string through Schecter had amazing sustain and I just like the look even. Is there anything lost from a stop bar?
Most likely, it would be all about feel. A ToM bridge with a stoptail is fairly high off of the guitar. I think.
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The way I look at it, if you like the way it plays and the action you should get it. One of the guitars with the best sustain is a Gibson Les Paul. That comes from my knowledge of playing for over 25 years. AN LP is not string through.
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I personally hate TOM bridges just because they are a pain in the ass to intonate and I just like having my strings more flush to the body. Like Picksqueal said though, if you like it then don't let it stop you.
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