Been a guitarist for 9 years and I don't know jack about bass guitars. For the sake of recording I think I finally want to get one, but also I'd like to start playing slap bass. Been drooling over Wooten's playing on YouTube. You probably get these threads alot, sorry.

My budget is around $600 ish I'd say. I'd rather have a 4-string but would 5 be more appropriate for slap grooves? I know that playing slap bass uses alot of octaves a wide interval playing (if that makes sence).

I rather like the Ibanez SR600. Would that be a good choice? As far as tonewoods, pickups, setup... ect what should I look for for this style of playing?

SR's arent bad by any means, but i had one, and for slap i wouldnt recommend one.

for $600 look at a used American Jazz bass. or a P-bass if you want that motown sound.
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5-strings are only useful if you really know how to use the low B - if you know theory that shouldn't be a problem. i play both a 5 and 4-string, and one great advantage of the 5 is that you have two full octaves in range without moving your hand up/down the neck.

i, personally would recommend you get a bass with single-coil pickups (like the Jazz) or one with a split-coil (p-bass pickup) and a single coil. humbuckers are cool, but i personally think they lack the same versatility as single coils and are most suited to riffing and thick, creamy smooth grooves.

i recommend a Peavey Millenium BXP, 4-string or 5, try both. it has single-coils, you could get one new for under $350 and it sounds and plays like its worth twice that. i have a 4-string Millenium and its fantastic. that, or a Warwick RockBass Corvette Classic, 4 or 5 string. you could get one for around 500-600, and its ****ing sexy.
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Damn I like really like that Millenium BXP! You make a good point about the pickups. I totally agree that single coils are have much more clarity, thats more appropriate for lead bass. And the price is awesome, half of what I expected to spend. hmmm.....

I can only second looking for a used fender jazz. I was in a similar situation not too long ago and I dont regret getting me a fender jazz at all.
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Quote by berzerker92
SR's arent bad by any means, but i had one, and for slap i wouldnt recommend one.

for $600 look at a used American Jazz bass. or a P-bass if you want that motown sound.

Sound wise SR's are great, its the string spacing that can be daunting when you are learning to slap. They have thinner necks so the strings are a bit closer than other basses. However, if you can adjust to that they do have a solid slap tone.
Look what I got today!

It's a very nice guitar for the money. I'm quite happy with it. Thanks for the recommendation TheTortured.

Out of the box the action was way too low. I immediately had to loosen the truss rod a tad and adjust the bridge. Also I put some Ernie Ball Slinkys on right away. The quilt top finish isn't on the same level as a PRS but it's still impressive for the price. Another thing I noticed was the tuners were a little loose and had to be tightened up a bit. Other than that I can't complain.

This thing is pretty nice. The satin neck is thin and has nice grain. It's very comfortable to play. Once I set it up right there was hardly any buzz. As for the tone, granted I'm new to bass guitars, but the single coils have good clarity and the 2 volume and tone knobs make for a nice range of tones.

I'm still getting the hang of Popping and Slapping. So far so good!
For $250 bucks I have a whole new dynamic to play with.