Can somebody explain melody and harmony to me in simple terms? I feel stupid for not knowing it considering some of the other stuff I know. My teacher never really went over it, I guess she just though we all understood it. I know harmony is the "vertical aspect" and melody is the "horizontal aspect", but what I'm reading online and in one of my books isn't helping all that much.
Thanks to whoever can explain this to me.
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Well, melody is basically a sequence of notes that is aurally pleasing, such as the vocal lines of any song. Harmony is the grouping of a few notes (chords) that together go underneath the melody to give it more color.
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Melody is a single musical line. Harmony is chords, or many notes playing at once. The other thing to think about (maybe) is counterpoint, which is the interaction of melody.

Melodies interact and create counterpoint, counterpoint then interacts to create harmony.

They're not complicated concepts by themselves, but the execution of them can be complicated.
Melody is where a series of notes are played one after another.
Harmony is where notes are played at the same time.

Quote by Leonard Bernstein
So today we're going to...talk about the real meat and potatoes of music — the main course: which is melody.

Now for some people music and melody are the same thing. It's the whole meal so to speak: when you think of music, you think of melody right away — melody: music. And they're right, in a way, because what is music anyway but sounds that change and move along in time? And that's practically a definition of melody, too: a series of notes that move along in time, one after another...

for a really good exposition on melody have a watch of Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts: What is Melody?

And this one How Music Works - Melody There is also one on harmony as well. Check out the whole series.