iPhone pictures can be found here

She's a 2010 R8 bought new from GC last august. I loaded her up with a JP vintage style RS kip, with paper in oil jensen caps, and Wolfetones Dr. Vintage pups (vintage aged/"Legend" covers). She absolutely screams, and I really hate having to sell her. I'm hoping she'll go to a good home, someone who can hold on to her for awhile; she really is one special guitar.

I only have access to iPhone pics at the moment, but I'll try and find someone with a nice camera to take photos. She's not very plain for a plaintop, there's interesting grain running throughout the whole top, and really dynamic flame by the controls and running towards the right bout of the guitar. It pops in and out depending on the angle of view, and the whole top has a vintage character to it. There are other various spots of flame on the top that are less prominent, if you sit down with the thing and look at it from different angles you're bound to find a few more. Good condition, played alot in the few months I've had it (for damn good reason!), but well cared for.

Pictures available on request, iPhone isn't going to do her justice, but I'll try and find a nice camera.

I'd like to get 2400 for her with the pickups and all, but am open to offers. Will also consider trades + cash for other lesser valued guitars (American Fender RI's or japanese vintage style fenders are attractive, maybe a tokai les paul too), or apple computers.

thank you!
send offers to dutroisiemeart@gmail.com