I am currently using a jazz III is it common for these picks to give a lot of pick noise? I am currently using the standard size guitar strings....I can see my top D move when tremelo picking.....Do need a lighter pick? and heavier strings?
eh, I guess its standard well stock i guess you could say i want to say its 46s im not sure
Thicker strings. Do it.

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what exactly do u mean by pick noise??

I may be wrong, but i think he's saying that when he plays he not only hears the sound of the strings, but the sound of the pick hitting the strings. Like, a little thwack or something. I get it too, but not often.

I used to get it but over time you develop a way around it. It's mostly technique although string gauge may play a small role. Try out a slighter heavier gauge and see if that resolves the problem. If not, get a slightly thicker pick and/or keep the pick more "in". By that, I mean leave less of the pick out to hit the string. I usually leave about 3mm between the tip of the pick and my finger.

Again, it's mostly just technique.
^Oh yea.. i get that too... but i guess as u said having less of the pick out and slanting the pick attack greatly diminishes the noise..
Part of that is your EQ. Pick noise happens when you have a lot of highs in your tone. Roll back the tone knob or the treble on your amp and see if that helps.

Part of the sound is the attack of the pick. Use a lighter pick or a pick made out of a different material (nylon picks have a nice, soft attack).

I personally get a lot of pick attack when using jazz picks. It's what they're designed to do, after all. Cut the highs a bit or use a different pick and see if that helps.