How can I make my own backing track of a song? Having vocals or not is not important at least drums bass and maybe rhythm?
This is a pretty broad question.

Are you thinking of recording it yourself? Do you have an audio interface? What instruments do you have at your disposal? What quality - Demo and practice or for performance?

I sometimes need backing tracks for guitar practice so I always load up VST instruments in Reaper. I mainly use instruments by DSK since they are all free and does the job.

I also use Chordbot Pro on my Android where I could come up with chord progressions and the app will automatically generate audio for me with drums and eveything depending on the style of music.
Two bands I'm obsessed about : Coheed and Cambria.
I mean, taking out layers of an already made song, say if I wanted no singing but i still wanted to keep the other instruments (if that makes sense)
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