Hey UG community, so I'm going to start creating a demo, I've put it off for too long and now I wanna get into it. I've accepted the fact that this will most likely end up being a solo project so I figure it's about time I jump into the game. So I'm going to make a demo first off, but I have a dilemma. I'm into lot's of different kinds of music, and my musical tastes have varied over the past few months where I've written quite a bit of music. My tastes have gone from Pop-punk, to Hard core punk, to punk, to cool indie/alternative/folk stuff, shoegaze, old stuff, new stuff. And along the way, it really reflects on my music. Now for the demo, should I show case my favorite 3 pieces even though they are totally different sounding, or should I stick to the genre that I know I do best? Because pop-punk is my niche, but I've got some awesome sounding power-pop/punk songs, and some cool progressive/alternative stuff too. So.... Do you think it's okay to use multiple genres in a demo?
I would keep the demo based on how you'd like to present yourself. Are you a project that can handle and play a bunch of genres? Make your 3 songs demo 3 different sounds. But do you want to present yourself as a pop-punk act that can also do other genres? Make your demo pop-punk, and let your progressive side come out at shows.
The main question is, who is this demo gonna be for? If it's for you then by all means just record it yourself, if you want it to be for public consumption (ie for anyone but yourself or promoters), then A it's not really a demo and B are you willing to put the years in to learn how to record and mix properly, let alone money for equipment?

In many cases it's actually a better idea to finance some studio time than spend the time to do it yourself.
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Well I've got all the equipment and I've been practicing with it for months, it's all a matter of song choice now but yeah, both your comments are a good help so I'll get on it
I'd suggest recording all the songs that have potential to be on the demo, then pick and choose which ones flow together well and sound good together to make the demo cohesive.
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