I was wondering if a good monster cable or anything equivalent would make a sound difference on my rig. Its not an expensive set up but I was wondering if it would make a sound difference from my Epi LP--VOX Wah-- Fender Mustang I. I have a poor Fender factory cable that came with my first guitar and then I have a 15 ft. livewire. Any suggestions are appreciated.
There are far better cables for your money than Monster, they're massively over-hyped in my opinion. And a good cable definitely makes a difference, in terms of quality of guitar sound and reliability.
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There are far better cables for your money than Monster, they're massively over-hyped in my opinion.

Im open to options. Any suggestions?
Nicer cables will usually be more reliable and have better shielding. As far as tone goes, that's subjective. I don't think it makes that much of a difference.
I haven't noticed any sound quality issues with cheaper cables but the one thing that matters are the connectors. In really cheap ones, they tend to break very easily so that's why I'm investing a bit more to my cables. I still like the very cheap so it doesn't matter if it breaks. I just replace the cable. As long as it has Neutrik connectors, it's fine for me. I usually buy Pro Snake cables from Thomann (less than 10&euro and I've been happy with them.

I took a look at the Monster cables you mentioned and I would never go for them. I'm very interested to hear that does it really matter? I'm a bit skeptical about it.
Monster tries to sell their cables on the premise that all the extra copper provides a lower resistance for the signal to travel through - which is entirely true. However, amplifiers are high-resistance circuits. There's a pretty damn big resistor right on the other side of the input. So whatever resistance you overcome by buying a $50-$100 cable is negligible because of the impedence of the amp.

Capacitance, on the other hand, is a big deal in cables. The longer the cable, regardless of the amount of copper, the more line capacitance is affecting your tone, leeching the treble out. There's not much you can do about this. Most everything that I have read on the subject recommends switching to a wireless set up if you need more than 20 or 30 feet of cable.

Hope that helps.
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cheaper cables dont necessarily sound worse than more expensive ones, its how long you use them before something breaks. I had a fender squier cable that came with my first guitar. After almost two years, you have to keep fiddling with the jack and hold it in the right place on the amp for any sound to come out. However I have had dimarzio's and planet wave cables for the same amount of time. They are still working strong with no problems what so ever.
If your consideration is capacitance (losing your trebles), you should really get the wah modded to true bypass. Wahs are infamous for eating your trebles. The two things you can do cable wise to reduce capacitance is to use shorter cables or oxygen free silver cables which IMO are too expensive for a rig like that.

In your situation, I would mod the wah and replace the fender cable, but don't go overboard unless you need mad durability cause you don't know how to not break cables.
Cheaper cables are a major source of hum, before even opening the talk about their reliability.
So, yes, a good cable will massively improve your tone. My suggestions: Evidence Lyric HG or Forte (if you gig much, Forte is better), or if you don't want to spend so much, there are Elixir, George L and Planet Waves cables. Monster cables are over-hyped by advertising.
But improving on your cable doesn't mean getting rid off all of your troubles. You still need a few things if you really want to sound like a Pro.
However, a good cable is the first step and the cheapest thing to do to improve the way you sound.

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A good quality cable doesn't 'add' to your tone. It delivers the tone your guitar produces faithfully to your amp. If you use cheap quality cable, you're robbing yourself of tone by the time the signal gets to the amp that your guitar otherwise might be producing.

Tone robbers are:

- Poor shielding: Poor shielding lets more hum and static noise get to your amp input which gets amplified along with your guitar signal

- Capacitance per metre: Lots of capacitance per metre robs the high frequencies from your guitar sound by the time it gets to your amp input. You want low capacitance / metre cables and patch cords

So.....don't skimp on your cable! Get the good stuff.

I use DiMarzios with the outer woven braid. Great quality and they last a lifetime.

They aren't the cheapest cable in the world, but you get what you pay for.
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As mentioned above, they are a valuable investment. I use planet waves and cant really speak for the other brands - I just like the fact that they come with a lifetime warranty.

Just be careful because some of the cable brands have cheaper models, whilst they would still be better than cheap no-names just make sure you research which particular cable you are after and don't just buy it because it is xyz brand

Oh, and like everyone else has said, don't buy any longer than you need...
One thing also to bear in mind, great cable is all well and good, but if you have some cheapy (or sometimes 'boutique') pedals in your chain that have shite wire in them then that is going to have an effect on your high end as well, and that may have a more noticable effect than a slightly less exensive guitar cable will have.
Monster cables are overpriced definitely. That said, I own one sheerly because I like the way the connector is designed as one piece and molded around the jack. A better cable makes a difference tonally, but it's not exactly extremely apparent. It's more, as others have said, an issue of whether or not that cable will last more so than whether that cable will effect your sound. People can say what they will about monster cables and yeah, they're expensive for what they are, but I like them. It's preference.
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The biggest differences between cheap cables and expensive cables will be durability, and noise level. Good cables should be brighter as well, but nothing you can't EQ away. Not to say that you should use crappy cables.

Real talk, any $20+ cable should be fine. You'll get a little extra with more expensive cables, but as long as you're not using those stupidly thin wiry cables that come in starter packages, you should be fine.

I highly recommend Live Wire, when looking at bang for buck ratio. Planet Waves are also supposedly good, though I've heard some horror stories about them lately.

If you feel like spending a little more, Lava is supposedly awesome. I'm going to try them out soon.
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I'm quite happy with Planet Waves cables. Good quality, decent price.

I think cables only make a difference if they're shit. I've used a really cheap cable which caused a noticable decrease in high frequencies. However, I don't think it's worth buying the most expensive cable. Above a certain price point, most cables are decent and the signal loss is negligible.

The difference between a shitty cable and a mid-priced cable is noticable.
The difference between a mid-priced cable and a really expensive cable is very subtle, and in many cases, not noticable.

Consider the fact that you're playing an imperfect pickup into an imperfect amplifier that deliberately distorts your tone. Plus, you might also have a few pedals in your signal chain. Even if they are true bypass, how good is the connection inside them?
thanks for all the info. I will dive into looking at these other brands and see what i Like. Thanks again for the technical reasons. makes better sense now
monster is the way to go they have like a lifetime guareentee too. buy one.

Live Wires are half the price, just as durable, have jacks you can actually work on, and also have a lifetime guarantee.
Spin 'round carousel when your horse isn't screwed in.

My band:
Fractured Instinct
(For fans of Death/Groove/Prog Metal)

Ibanez RGA42E
Ibanez S420
LTD H-301
Ibanez RG520
Peavey Predator USA
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Well I've never had a dirt cheap terrible cable. Uh, switching between brands or whatever I've never noticed a difference except some of them last longer than others.
Don't avoid Monster Cables just because everyone on this forum bandwagons against them. That's all I uuse in my rig, and they sound great and are durable as hell. I have some of their more expensive cables and some of their cheaper cables, and they're all nice cables. If you're concerned about being able to work on your cable, then why buy pre-made cables at all? Make your own. Monster Cables have a Lifetime Warranty like most higher0end cables, so if it needs worked on, just go trade it in for a new one (although I've never had one go bad in the years I've had mine).