Now, I am using TuxGuitar, which gives me chords, but I'm not sure if they're right, as a few are not 100% correct, according to TuxGuitar. I will be going left to right, low E to high e, with my notation in Tab. There is also a moving melody part which I would like the chords for as well, even if they don't make sense/aren't even a chord. These are chords follwed by: (mel.). Thanks guys. Hope this makes sense.

E to e

x-7-x-9-0-0 = E7 ?
0-7-0-9-0-0 = E7 ?
0-7-x-9-10-0 (mel.) = Dsus2\E ?
0-7-x-9-8-0 (mel.) = Em7 ?
8-7-x-9-x-x = Cadd9 ?
10-9-x-11-x-x = F#5/5+\D ??? (If someone could explain this one, that'd be great.)
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The first four are variations of e minor, next is c major, and the last one is d major. In the last two chords you're hitting the root note, then the third, and then another third an octave higher.
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1. E5
2. E7, it doesn't have a 3rd, so you can't know if it's major or minor without looking in context.
3. Esus4, but not sure without the context.
4. Em
5. Cmaj
6. Dmaj7
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x-7-x-9-0-0 = It's not E7, it's just the E with its fifth, B
0-7-0-9-0-0 = E7
0-7-x-9-10-0 (mel.) = Esus4
0-7-x-9-8-0 (mel.) = Em, there's no seventh
8-7-x-9-x-x = C major, there's no ninth
10-9-x-11-x-x = D major
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