Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows whether or not a Karrera bass guitar is any good? I am interested in getting one for doing some recording with it. It looks nice enough and is very cheap but the actual quality of the instrument itself and the way it sounds I am unsure of. I did read online somewhere that it is supposedly just as good as a Squier p bass according to someone but I am still unsure since I can't actually physically play or see it. I will post a link below to ebay showing the Karrera bass guitar that I am interested in. Please note that I am not interested in the amp that it includes, just the bass guitar itself. Thank you.



I just found this bass guitar by the same brand http://www.klika.com.au/music/bass-guitars/karrera-electric-bass-guitar-black.html

If no one knows whether or not the brand is any good, does anyone at least know which bass guitar out of the two I posted would be better?
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It'll be the same quality as any no-name fender rip-off, cheap and nasty, might get lucky, probably won't. If you're just looking for SOMETHING to get the job done, look at second hand stores and buy something a 12 y.o. has drawn all over for $30. It'll be the exact same quality, don;t have to pay for postage and it'll have a bit of mojo.