I come up with a kewl riff and practice it for a while...then get distracted by something and lose it.

I have no excuse- I have more than one way to record things, but rarely use any of them.

So tonight, instead of having the basis for a nifty piece of R&R, I have the 5 chords in the progression AND their order, but I cannot remember how I was playing the main one. The one that set the tone, tempo & feel for everything else.
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This happens to me at least 12 times a second!! Ok, slight exaggeration there... I often do a really crappy quick recording on my phone, just helps me remember when I inevitably forget it...

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not trying to be cool or anything, but that happens very often when you are intoxicated with weed. You come up with AMAZING stuff that unless you record them you will forget them. I came up with a acoustic tapping pattern that I had forgotten till I saw my webcam on. Still one of the best things i came up with.
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