Hey, I'm thinking of buying an electro-acoustic guitar with a budget of £500

do you think the Yamaha CPX700II is worth the money?

And do you have any other suggestions for guitars in the same price range?

Thanks alot!
I am in a similar position, I am looking at the Yamaha AC1M which is a solid top grand auditorium size but I can't find any impartial reviews. It is around the same price. I don't know much about CPX series.

My other idea for myself was the Fender Hellcat but although I love the colour the decoration makes it look cheap. I also looked at Sonorans but have heard bad things about the neck.
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I have an Ibanez acoustic electric and I love it to death it was about 500. It is a classical though but ibanez makes some damn good guitars. Check them out. Ive never really played a yamaha so I don't know how good they are.
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If you're going yamaha I'd try the FX range for electro acousstic, much better sound than the CPX imo and I've played both. You might also want to check out Lag guitars, they're nice machines with great tone.
The CPX just sounds a bit boxy to me, no real definition of bass or treble. Just my opinion though and you certainly don't have to take it.