In a year or so i'll be moving in to college,
I'm gonna live there with a friend of mine so I'm not gonna go there with a full stack 4x12 100 watt all tube amp

I decided to play with headphones,
Will it work if i just plug in my headphones in to let's say a line6 pod HD500 or do i need a power amp for that?

(i'm not familliar with the whole pre-power amp thing)

And what are your thoughts on the line6 pod hd500, i think i'll buy it if i can just use headphones on it

I using a line 6 podXT and I just plugg: Guitar -> podxt -> Headphones. Works great.
So I guess it should work with that one too.

Nice! thanks!

You can also use the USB port to record on your PC right?

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Yes you just plug in you headphones but buy a good headphone.

Yes you can use the USB to record on your PC and it sounds good.

If you have the money get the Hd500 yes its got more FX then you will ever use but they are there if you do want them.

HD300,HD400 are good as well but HD500 is the way to go.

Also you can use the HD500 as a recording / Interface / Mixer.

And if you do not want to use headphones just plug in a speaker to the headphones jack or you want more power you can get a portable PA and jam in your room and not piss anybody off well unless you krank the PA that is.

Over all I love my Pod HD500 and I think you will too.
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Thanks for your comment!

This really helped me out , i'll start saving up for it