I have a Boss FBM-1 ('59 Fender Bassman) pedal that stopped working after my pedalboard got dropped. I took it apart and found a white wire that is connected to the PCB at one end, but disconnected at the other end. From the way the wire was bent, and its location inside the case, it looks like it was connected to one of the input jacks. I can't see any solder connections that look like a wire came loose.

I can't find a wiring diagram or schematic anywhere. Can anyone out there help? If you have a FMB-1, would you be willing to open it up and take a photo, or tell me where the white wire should be soldered??
Snap a picture and post it up on here. That would be a lot of help!
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Quote by LaidBack
Snap a picture and post it up on here. That would be a lot of help!

That mess of wires at the left is one of the input jacks. Again, I can't see a spot where the white wire came loose, but if it was a bad solder joint to begin with, it might not be obvious.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I live in a rural area that's at least 3 hours from the nearest repair center.

I sent Roland/Boss an e-mail yesterday, and just got a reply. Turns out that wire should be connected to the output jack. It must have moved around inside the case after it came loose.

(The e-mail did say that they are typically not allowed to answer questions like mine, so I feel very fortunate...if it works!)