So I'm picking up a Hot Rod Deville 410 soon and I've tried the amp out plenty of times so I know I like it, but I was wondering if anyone who has one could give me a little insight on what kind of drive pedal to pick up. Don't really know too much about tube amps and drive pedals but i've done some research. Been looking at: Fulltone OCD; TS9DX, Big Muff Pi and a few others. I'm not asking anyone to tell me what I should buy, I was just hoping anyone who has one of these amps can share a little so I have a better idea of how they react with drive pedals.
what tones are you after?

haven't tried that amp with pedals, but i mean different pedals are going to sound different. I agree that you need to find ones that suit your amp (hopefully other people will help) but some pedals will just be completely wrong regardless of the amp, kind of thing.
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I have a Big Muff Pi with my HR Deville, sounds fantastic. You get a good amount of bass boost with the distortion, and lots of sustain of course. You do have to mess around with the volume settings between your amp and the pedal to avoid any volume boost, but that's kind of expected. If you have any delay,phasers etc shit like that I'd loop it through the preamp/poweramp inputs, it just stops everything from ****ing with your tone and volume. Just as an added note the big muff sounds great with a nice Wah pedal. I haven't tried those other pedals but that's my thoughts on the Big Muff haha hope that helps.
I have a russian big muff, blues driver, and boss super overdrive that I really like with my Deville 212. I especially like the blues driver set to a fairly light overdrive and using the both pickups on my jazzmaster or positions 2/4 on a strat. Great for both rhythm and leads I think. I guess you can rarely go wrong iwth a tubescreamer though.
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My main jam buddy has a HRD 410.
Can't remember what OD he has but He does have a Fuzz Face.
Sounds awesome, but he could probably make an MG sound good.