Can some one recommend me a good set of bass strings that would be good for lower tunings like C-tuning and Half a step down from standard tuning .
I dont know much about bass strings because iv been playing bass for around 2 years ,but my friend changed the strings last time about a year ago because he was using my bass at the time and i have no idea what gauge strings are on there
thanks for the help
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from my experience, you might want to have 2 basses if you are switching between half step down and c standard unless you want quite floppy C tuning or tight Eb tuning if that makes sense. i'm quite wary of pressure on necks after the head on my vampyre snapped - although it was in standard with standard strings.
you could probably manage a heavier gauge than standard which would just accommodate both tunings, but i've never done that so i can't help much on that, but most likely heavy gauge strings would work for that normally being 50 - 110
Yeah, you aren't going to be able to do Eb and C standard on the same guitar. My best advice is pick whichever tuning you think you will prefer/find more useful.

At that, not many songs (or at least that I have encountered) use the highest notes of your G string, so, in an ideal world, the C standard guitar can reach all the notes in the Eb songs you wish to play, and you could simply play that way.

As for strings, Ernie ball standard slinky 5 (keeping the lowest 4) are nice and warm, and are wonderful for C standard in my experience.

If you want more of a bright sound, I'd check out Rotosound's drop zone strings.

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Well, the SITs that came on my LTD bass did C standard quite well. Also, D'Addario Chromes are really great for lower tunings as well; they're kinda high tension. Like, the standard set of Chromes, strung through the bridge, tuned to D standard have about the same tension as a set of 45-100 Roto 66s strung through the body. The Chromes sound and feel different (in a cool way), too.

TL;DR: Try the D'Addario Chromes .