Hey all, Looking to downsize and have tried the Peavey Classic 50 410 and the Fender Hot Rod Deville 410. My band does mostly classic rock and blues, some jazz. Problem is I have not had the chance to bring either of these amps into a rehearsal and open them up. Just light little demos at the store. I'm looking for some solid opinions from users who have experiece with either or both of these amps. I have LP's and a EJ strat, Use a DD3 delay through the fx loop, Tech 21 sansamp and dunlop wah pedal on the floor. My current amp is a Roland JC 120 which I do like but just lacks warmth like you get from tubes. I also have a Marshall JCM 800 2210 model 1/2 stack thats way too much for any venue we play so thats kept in storage. Any suggestions would really help. Thanks all!
Well, every fender I've played has very weak distortion. I havnt tried the hot rod deville though. I've tried a blues junior and a hot rod deluxe and they both had wonderful. Leans and irritatingly weak distortion even with the gain on 10
Go with the Peavey, also as a warning the 4x10s are really heavy.
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Yeah I have the Hot Rod Deluxe and the distortion isn't much unless you have super hot pickups or an OD pedal. However, it does start to sound really good at around 2 and a half so if you're going to be playing relatively medium sized venues you should be okay. I'm sure a tube set change from Eurotubes would improve the distortion lots too.
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Classic 50 all the way. Better overdrive, and (in my opinion) better cleans. Plus, Peavey amps are bulletproof.
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