i like the song, just the drums need work, the snare isn't punchy enough to drive the song and the kick drum is too weak. Try getting better samples try, prime loops. Mabye try linking two drum kicks to the same pad for a punchier kick. Other than i like it just needs a wider mix to get the top and low end more.
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Riiight, let's get straight on to it...

I'm not sure the kick sits particularly well, it definitely needs some more body to hit harder. It's got a nice 'snap', but I'd layer it up with a more punchy, defined kick and adjust the EQ to hit harder. The hats drive the song reasonably, but I'd mix the pattern up, and perhaps add more of a shuffle just to keep it interesting, and maybe throw in another hi-hat sound to keep it fresh. Like the guy above said too, the snare needs beefing up, EQ at around 200Hz for a nice boost, and throw another layer on top just to make it sound more polished.

That's the drums, now the song itself. The real problem that defines all of those of the song is a lack of variation and interest. The sounds you have fit well, there's no doubt, however, the repeated sounds lead to a more mundane listen. Throw a couple of more basses in there, screw with the LFO's some more and just go crazy. That goes for the drop and the other parts inclusively. Similarly, this song needs a serious dose of some sub, especially in the drop. Nothing complicated, just a hefty sub will add more power and energy to the track.

A final point I'd say, is try and introduce some melodic purpose into the piece. The vocal samples and bass work fine, but there is no really tune going on, making it very atonal. Particularly in the 'verses' and intro, you should add some more melodic synths and lines to give the song more of a dimension, instead of just repeating a series of noises and basses. Everything you have works well though, and just building up on what you have will take it to a new level

Sorry if I seemed damning, I'm just trying to be honest and helpful though haha, overall it's a solid foundation for a sweet track!

C4C if you don't mind? It's dubstep too