Okay didn't know where to put this thread.

I currently own an ESP LTD EC COBWEB (the black one with the skull) which I bought when I just started out playing and thought looked really cool. Now when I think of it I would rather own a natural black one without the paintjob. Does anyone here know who I should turn too? I have no experience in repainting guitars so don't think it would be a great idea doing it myself.

Instead of buying a new one (which I'm actually planning on doing when I get enough money) I thought I could just repaint it.

Thanks in advance!
I would go ask the guys in GB&C. They should be able to help.
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Take all the hardware off/ out. Fine sand paper. Take the finish off. Go to a car parts shop. Buy black spray paint. Spray. Let it dry. Sand it smooth. Spray again. Let it dry. Sand it smooth again. Keep doing this until you have a nice solid finish.

As it's a refinish I don't know whether or not you'd need to seal the wood or not. I know with a new piece of wood you'd need a sealant but one that's already finished, I don't know. The guys in the GB&C could help more.
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I remember back in the day, Master Shake showed me a picture of her modded 'Rising' Fender. I don't know how she did it, but she got the album cover of Rainbow's Rising album on there. I'm guessing she's good with guitar mods, so I'd PM her.
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a refinish would be easy, but you should tray staining it with a very dark brown, and then finishing it with nitro, looks amazing, I've done it to a few guitars with fantastic results.